The concept of spray tan is not very old. This started in 1960’s. This is now applied in some countries.

Some important spray tanning tips.

Proper cleansing of skin

For a healthy tanning session, the whole body should be cleaned properly. All the places where you are going to put spray should be cleaned first. As this is important for tanning process otherwise tanning will not put its effect on the skin.

There will be two benefits of the spray tanning

  1. Long Lasting tan spray effect
  2. The tan will look better

What to wear.

Many people ask what to wear after spray tanning for its better effects. So the answer is to wear some loose clothes. If you wear tight clothes, it may absorb the tanning material because tanning material does not set immediately and is still active for some time. Also, tight clothes can rub the tan. Many specialists also advise wearing dark clothes after tanning.

What to do after your spray tan.

  1. This process is usually for the summer process. So try not to do any activity which causes sweat on your body as it decreases the tanning effect.
  2. Avoid bathing for at least 5-7 hours after a spray tan. Because doing this you will stop the DHA from the tanning process.
  3. Avoid chlorinated water like swimming pools for 24 hours or better more than that. If you want the DHA to do tanning for a long-lasting time, avoid chlorine. It will result not only in long lasting but also it will do better tanning.
  4. For ladies, it’s a special advice not to use makeup before or after the spray tanning process. It is a straight downfall.
  5. Never use deodorant before or after tanning process. Like makeup, it’s a downfall for the tanning process.
  6. It’s advice to use paper panties instead of cotton or woolen clothes. It will not give a better result of tanning.

How to take a shower.

There is a way to take a shower after spray tan process. For that, it is advisable to use lukewarm water after 5-7 hours off spray tan process. Too hot or cold water is not appreciated after the tanning process. Similarly taking a shower or bath using shower gel is not advisable as well. As it decreases the effects of the tanning process.

Moisturizing- the key for long lasting tan spray effect.

After all the precautions, the best way to the long-lasting effects of tanning spray is to have some Moisturizing. Best advice for the moisturizer is to have it right after the tanning spray process. You can have it during bath as well.

Be gentle

It depends on the parts of the body you are putting tan on. Like your face skin is different from your shoulders. So be gentle with your face while putting tan on face. Similarly, your palm is harder as compared with the back side of your hand. So be gentle with the backside of your hands.


A tan looks best on dry skin. Many products are available in the market which optimizes the effects of tanning spray. As you know that all the processes and treatments have some flaws in them. But there are optimizers present in the markets for these flaws. Experts and people use the optimizers to get the full response.


There are some important points which should be noted before tanning. According to all experts, it is totally for outer use. FDA recommends not to use in the following places.

  1. Eye
  2. Nose filters
  3. Ear plug
  4. Mouth
  5. Underparts of the body


How long does the spray tan last?

A spray tan will last approximately 5 to 7 days.

What is the main ingredient?

The main ingredient is Dihydroxyacetone or DHA. DHA has been approved by TGA i.e. the Therapeutic Goods Administration by Australia.

Is spray tanning safe?

Yes. Spray tanning is safe and approved by many international organizations. This material has also been approved for the use in cosmetics. So, if organizations are using this in making of cosmetics, then there is not an issue in spray tanning.

Does spray tanning make your skin orange?

If you are using the original and authentic tanning products, you don’t need to worry. Similar is the case in cosmetics. As far as you are using original cosmetic products, you have no threat with your skin. But if you use fake cosmetics, understand your skin is in danger. Similarly, when you are using original DHA for tanning process, you are doing well with your skin.

Do clothes get dirty from spray tanning?

No, not at all. Spanning material i.e. DHA doesn’t dirty your clothes. Even if there is a stain from tanning on your clothes. You can get rid of it by washing your clothes.

How many times spray tan should be applied?

It is never advisable to put tan every day. Because if you apply tan daily, your skin gets darker and darker day by day. So for this, it is advisable to use tan after some days instead of daily use. Whenever you use tan, use it according to the advice so that it may have full effect on the body. Otherwise, there will be no good result. Also, if you apply tan on your body on a daily basis, your tan will look unnatural, and it is very important to show your tan natural.


So, let us sum up our whole conversation. We studied spray tan in detail. We discussed some introductory points of DHA, which is the main ingredient of spray tan process. We discussed that how should we use the tan spray in details. We discussed some point like not taking a bath right after tanning process, not to use soaps, creams and chlorinated water after tanning process. We discussed that our skin should be neat and clean before tanning. We discuss some precautions for tanning. Like we discussed that this process is for outer use not at all inner use. It’s best for summer. So, as a whole, spray tan is beneficial for our body until and unless it is used properly.