Tanning Lotion Review

If you are looking for perfect and lovely tan and you are tired of all day sunbathing, then you are at the right place. Read on to find the best the tanning lotion.

Tanning Lotion

best tanning lotionTanning is the change of color of skin by sun rays and artificial lotion. It is done by using UV rays which are mostly from sun rays and indoor tanning.

On every special event, many people search out the different way to freshen up their presence and appearance. It is more likely a tanning session. A golden tan gives the golden sun kissed look which adds sparkle and make us look attractive. Most of the people spend half of their vacation at the beach along with the few tanning products. There are varieties of different product available in the market which can be quite intimidating. And keep it in mind that the tanning lotion should not contain any mineral oil.

Things should be considered before buying tanning lotion.

With so many products available in the market make sure you are going to buy the right one according to your skin type. Before buying tanning lotion, following things should take into consideration. First, a good tanning oil should contain the moisturizing agents that actually bind water to the skin. It may contain aloe or some as complex like complex PCA which is actually a natural product. The next important is the tanning oil, the good quality of oil will blend with the skin. The product should be made up of natural oils causes the less skin irritation and breakouts.

Tanning oil should contain the SPF as it will help to prevent the sunburn. Make sure before buying the tanning lotion it should contain SPF according to the weather condition. Here few tips are mention which helps you in buying the best tanning lotion through which you can easy narrow down your choices and pick out the best tanning product that works best on your skin.

Price of Tanning Product

Before buying the tanning product, make sure that you buy the best quality tanning lotion for your skin. Usually, the tanning product is quite expensive so choose the product which fulfills all your requirement. Instead of looking the price tag, consider the other factors including the effectiveness of the product, quality of the tanning product and size of the bottle.


Tanning lotion should contain the SPF as it prevents the skin from the sunburn. Buy the SPF tanning lotion according to climate and weather condition of the are on which you are living.

Bottle size of Tanning Lotion

Make sure you have the plenty of tanning lotion which will last long, so buy the large bottle in order to the most of your money. It is also important to consider how much quantity of tanning lotion should be used in order to the desired result.

Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion

The best parts of summer are BEST WAY TO TAN OUTSIDE in the warm sunshine. In summer many people have started their tanning routine. To accelerate their effect many people uses OUTDOOR TANNING LOTION which really helps them out. Many women and men enjoy tanning lotion as a deep bronze skin gives the great look and make them attractive whether in a swimsuit or celebrating any event. The other advantage of being outside in the sun is that you will get the glowing tan sitting in the Outdoor Tanning Chair. To get the best tan without itchy skin, dry, a painful sunburn, and un-even color there is huge range of tanning lotion are available. Everyone skin tone is different. one lotion work on one skin while the same lotion may not work so well on another. Always choose the lotion which has many positive reviews from different kinds of people.  Here is the list of BEST OUTDOOR TANNING lotion with respect to reviews.

1.  Maui Babe Browning Lotion

maui babe browning lotionAre you tired of using different OUTDOOR TANNING LOTION? Then get the real tan in short time. Maui babe lotion is one the best outdoor tanning lotions.  It is the safest and fastest tanning lotion. Maui babe is the tanning lotion which is made from the old secret family formula mixed from the Hawaiian intergrading including Aloe Vera for protection. It is having a great product review. Maui Babe browning lotion gives moisturizing benefits and natural skin protection. If you put this lotion on one arm and go in the sun, you will feel the difference, the one arm in which the lotion is applied is browning fast and rich while the other arm feels hot and burn. It is water resistant and is safe for all kinds of skin even on the fairest and sensitive skin too.

Salient features Maui Babe Browning Lotion

  • It accelerates the sun generated tanning process which removes long hours that cultivating your skin tan
  • Maui Babe Browning Lotion is safe for all skin types
  • It can be used with sunscreens
  • Maui Babe is a sun tanning lotion made from an old secret family formula mixed from natural Hawaiian ingredients.

2. Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Lotion

austrailian gold tannin lotionAustralian gold cheeky brown tanning lotion is the Best Tanning Lotion which can be used as indoor and outdoor both. It helps quickly in building the base tan. This product is enriched with vitamin A and E which keeps the skin hydrated. It also has a mixture of natural bronzer which leaves the skin with a golden glow and has cocoa smelling. It is the best tanning lotion for many years.


Salient features of Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Lotion

  • Among the best-selling tanning lotion, now available with bronzer
  • Enrich with vitamin A and E which keep the skin hydrating
  • This product can be used for both indoor and outdoor
  • It has fragrance of cocoa dream.


3. Ed Hardy COCONUT KISSES Golden Tanning Lotion

best outdoor tanning lotionEd Hardy COCONUT KISSES Golden Tanning Lotion is the quickest tanning lotion.  This lotion consists of coconut milk and coconut oil as an ingredient which gives dark golden skin without using bronzing agents. It accelerates and increases the tanning action for long lasting effect. This product also promotes the firmness and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Salient features of Ed Hardy COCONUT KISSES Golden Tanning Lotion

  • This Golden Tanning Lotion comprises of Coconut Milk & Coconut Oil
  • Tanning intensifier deliver dark golden which results without the use of bronzing agents.
  • Stimulate and increase melanin formation to accelerate the tanning process.
  • It gives darker, longer lasting results.


4. Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Lotion

hawaiian tropic tanning lotionHawaiian tropic sunscreen lotion ensures great tanning experience as compared to other lotion available in the market. It is well-appointed with the skin nourishing formula, aloe Vera, and botanical ingredient. These all ingredient nourished your skin and gives you the fastest and quickest result. This sunscreen lotion is waterproof for 80 minutes along with the SPF 4 sunscreen which avoids the burning issues. This is the best tanning outdoor lotion for all types of skin.

Salient features Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Lotion

  • It has a typical coconut fragrance.
  • Made up of Exotic botanicals extract and natural ingredient.
  • This lotion is Aloe Vera enriched.
  • water resistant and Skin-nourishing antioxidants.



Outdoor tanning chair should be durable, strong, portable and of good quality. The outdoor should be comfortable as well. And should be easy to use. The chair should be designed with the comfort in mind, have luxurious design and suitable for all family members.

1.  Portable Outdoor Lounger Tanning Garden Pool Beach Chair

outdoor tanning chair

The portable outdoor chair should be of high strength and durable. It is powder coated steel frame. It is fabricated with the long lasting outdoor grade fabrics. This portable outdoor has an adjustable support which gives you comfort and relaxation. This chair can bear the load up to 250 pounds. This chair is a technically designed structure which keeps the ultimate balance.


2. Ostrich Lounge Chaise

outdoor tanning chair

It is one of the best outdoor tanning chairs according to the reviews.  It is portable and comfort chair. It is the folding chair which any easily be used in any place such as beaches, sea, garden, etc. it is light in weight and has a weight carry capacity up to 250 pounds. Patented open face cavity with the arm slot pillow and adjustable chair back which allows the comfortable tanning or reading. Three positions can be adjusted such as recline or lay flat light weight.

3. Lakeport Outdoor Adjustable PE Wicker Chaise Lounge Chair

outdoor tanning chair

It is the most beautiful chaise lounge chair which is weather-resistant and has an adjustable angle back and folding leg for easy assembling. It is natural color combine with the exotic styling to create it more unique and perfectly suited for use as beside pool. This chair gives the body comfort and creating a luxurious escape to peace and quiet. This chair is ideal for sunbathing. It is low to the ground, perfect for relaxing while dipping hands and feet in the cold water. The dimension of this chair is 79.5″L x 27.5″W x 13.8″H. It is gently curved offer supports and help keep your face and chest pointed toward the sun rays for better tanning.

Indoor Tanning Lotion

Indoor tanning lotions increase the tanning process by promoting the making of melanin. The mechanism of indoor tanning lotion increases the flow of blood to the skin which may stimulate the production of melanin by melanocytes. Indoor tanning lotion usually contains no sunscreen and provide no protection from the sun. these sunless tanning lotions are designed for use with an ultraviolet source likewise tanning bed or booth Types of indoor tanning lotion

The types of indoor tanning lotion are as follows

1.      Bronzer

Bronzer comes up with a bronzing ingredient which darkens and enhances the tanning effects. These bronzing elements of a tanning lotion are designed to provide you a healthy bronzed look.

2.      Accelerator or Intensifier

Accelerator not only make your skin tan but also hydrates your skin. It will make your skin smooth. It is best for newbies with sensitive or pale skin. It provides natural tan instead of orange tan.

3.      Coolant

Coolant are designed to provide you a cooling effect while achieving a tan look. This can also give you cool down quickly after when you step out from tanning.

4.      Tingle

Tingle will improve micro-circulation and deepens the tan color of your skin. It main goal is to make your skin firmer. This is not recommended for sensitive skin.

5.      Maximizers

Maximizers are designed which gives you darker shade and is two step products. It should have applied just before the tanning session and after the base tanning.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

To get the best indoor tanning lotion first, read the product’s label. Best indoor tanning lotions are used to speed up tanning process and give you deep, dark glow, and also make your skin soft. There are a lot of indoor tanning lotion available in the market, you should choose the best among them by looking at the reviews from the consumers and beauty professionals

1. Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

indoor tanning lotion Millenium Tanning’s Solid black is Best Indoor Tanning Lotion among tanning aficionados. It contains silicon-based bronzer which darkens the skin tone before laying down in the tanning bed. It is full of moisturizers that keep the skin healthy and smooth during the tanning process. The addition of tyrosine is to increase the production of melanin to make the skin dark.

Salient features of Millenium Tanning’s Solid black are as follows.

  • Contains Ultra Advanced 100X Silicone Bronzer which helps to give dark color in short time.
  • Utilizes a tanning technology
  • Contains Tan Enhancer and Silicone Bronzer.
  • Has Fragrance of Orchid Blush;
  • The size of the bottle is 13.5 oz. fl. (400mL)

2. Australian Gold DARK TANNING ACCELERATOR Lotion

indoor tanning lotionThe Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion can be used for indoor as well as outdoor tanning.it is one of the best indoor tanning lotions in the market. It contains Vitamin A and vitamin E which hastens tanning process and moisturize the skin. It does not add artificial color as I have no bronzer

Salient features of The Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion are as follows.

  • Commonly known and widely sold lotion in the tanning industry
  • Native Australian Oils and Botanical Essences provide important nutrients to the skin for deep and dark color
  • Contains Moisturizers Advanced moisturizing ingredients that help to hydrate the skin for a soft, and smooth effect
  • Comes with Cocoa Dreams fragrance
  • Enrich with Vitamins A and E

3. Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15x Deep Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion

best indoor tanning lotionAustralian Gold Sinfully Black indoor tanning lotion is the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion which is designed to give you a serious tan. This lotion enhances your overall skin appearances with vitamin E and oil contents. It also has a mixture of natural bronzer which leaves the skin with a golden glow and has cocoa smelling. This is a base builder which helps to maintain your tan while protecting or softening of the skin. It includes special ingredients that keep tattoos from fading during indoor tanning.

The salient features of Australian Gold Sinfully Black Indoor Tanning Lotion are as follows.

  • Commonly known and widely sold lotion in the tanning industry
  • Native Australian Oils and Botanical Essences provide important nutrients to the skin for deep and dark color
  • Contains Moisturizers Advanced moisturizing ingredients that help to hydrate the skin for a soft, and smooth effect
  • Comes with Cocoa Dreams fragrance
  • Enrich with Vitamins A and E

4. Sunshine Designer Skin Spellbound Entranced

indoor tanning lotionSunshine Designer Skin Spellbound Entranced is great lotion for indoor tanning. Blended with tyrosine, black walnut and peptides to create an amazing dark tan. It also contains black tea and wild indigo to highlight your deep dark skin tone.

Salient features of Millenium Tanning’s Solid black are as follows.

  • Light fragrance.
  • Provides a rich dark skin color.
  • The lotion soaks in to your skin very well.





5. Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark

indoor tanning lotion with bronzerAustralian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark is.  one of the best tanning bed lotion when we look at bronzer category. It is used mainly to make sure that they had tanning effect for a long time.it is made up of black currant so it darkens the skin and makes your skin feel soft.

Salient features of best tanning bed lotion are as follows

  • It contains Black Bronzer such as Carmel, Walnut Shell extract, Monoi de Tahiti and Dark Natural bronzers that work together for dark color
  • Black Currant and Hemp Seed Oil: Superior moisturizers to make skin for darkest color possible
  • Sexy Skin Blend: mixture of vitamins, Kukui Nut Oil and sunflower oil for softening and smooth skin

Does Indoor Lotion Work Outside?

Indoor tanning lotion comes in different types such as bronzers, tingle, enhancer, oils and others. It totally depends on upon which you are using. As we know that indoor and outdoor tanning lotions are different. Most indoor tanning lotion doesn’t have SPF. Outdoor tanning lotions have sunscreen. The reason behind this is that you need SPF when you are indoor. Tingle lotions are very famous for indoor tanning but it is not recommended for outdoors as they are heat activated and ultra-violet rays make blood close to the skin so it can be irritating to sensitive skin. Another main thing you should note that while using indoor tanning lotion outside is that this type of lotion speeds up the effects of UV rays rather blocking them. As outdoor tanning lotions block the UVB and UVA rays so if you are using indoor tanning lotion outside you may increase the risk of causing skin cancer as this lotion enhances UV rays instead of blocking it.

Tanning Bed Lotion

It’s important to know that indoor tanning lotions are quite different than other suntan lotions that are formulated to use outdoors. You can only use indoor tanning lotions in a tanning bed. there are some people who have fair skin and want to look a little darker. The process of doing is called tanning and the lotion used in this is known as tanning lotion. It increases the flow of blood by the production of melanin.

Best Tanning Bed Lotion

There are different types of best tanning bed lotions found in the market for customers with specifications and thus it is time to look for the notable products.

Tingle Tanning Lotion

The reason these lotions are called tingle tanning is that they give a tingling sensation on the skin after you apply the lotion It’s undoubtedly more intense than other tanning lotions available in the market. The main purpose of this lotion is to bring the blood to the skin surface and basically oxygen to affect the skin melanin. The darker your skin will become if more melanin is affected. The function of tingling tanning lotions is to boost the effects of UV rays when you expose yourself to when lying in the tanning bed. The skin will become red after one hour of tan. While the redness will fade and you skin color change into brown or bronze. The lotion has an ingredient such as Methyl Nicotinate or Benzyl which are basically designed to bring more oxygen into the skin by increasing the circulation of blood in your body as well as the increase the quantity of oxygen on the surface of the skin. In short, tingle tanning lotions are intended for persons who want deep tans or have difficulty getting a tan.

Best Tingle Tanning Lotion

The best tingle lotion is one which gives you tingle sensation as well as darker Tan when it is applied.

tingle lotion increases the blood circulation by bringing the oxygen to the surface of the skin, as the darker shade is achieved. The main goal of this product is to increase the UV rays on the skin when lying in a tanning bed. If you confused about the tingle tanning lotion which product to use, then there are some BEST TINGLE LOTION are listed down as per the reviews and professional opinion. And always give the best tan you’ve always wanted.

1. Jwoww, Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer, Tanning Lotion

best tingle tanning lotionThis is one of the best tingle tanning lotions which gives you an extreme level of tingle. This tingle tanning lotion is used by experienced tanners as it provides the immediate reddening. It has a blend of anti-wrinkle and skincare ingredient for a darker color and smooth skin. It’s filled with black currant oil and yogurt based lotion. It is the moisturizing lotion as the pear oil has been included for visibly smoother skin. This is the natural bronzer for every day.



2. Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle Hot Sizzle

tingle tanning lotionThis lotion has the T2 tingle power which increases the oxygen level and results in a faster darker tan color. Because of it tingling and bronzing ingredient it doesn’t only give you the darker tan but also it’ll stay for longer period of time. The tingle power T2 formula increases the tanning cell activity and also increases the blood flow. In order to further stimulate tissue growth, it has caffeine to firm skin. It has trio ingredient which gives the triple action against the anti-aging, firming and slimming blend. After the process of tanning, the skin becomes flawless tan skin. Swedish beauty tingle lotion has the citrus fragrance. This tingle tanning lotion not only gives you the dark tan, but also the glowing bronze skin.

3. Designer Skin Body Bronzer – Ruby

tingle tanning lotion designer skinThis tingle tanning lotion contains the fruit extract which causes the tanning sensation when it is applied to the skin. This lotion can be used in both tingle and cooling lotion. But the minute it tingles the skin, it refreshes it with the cooling technology of licorice and emerald extract to soothe your skin. When it is applied, the skin turns into red for about one to two minutes. Afterward, the redness will disappear leaving the skin darker and glowing bronze skin. This tingle lotion hydrates the skin and gives the feeling of softness after every tanning session and ideal for an experienced tanner


4. Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Hot Bronzer Tanning Lotion

best tingle tanning lotionThis tingle tanning lotion is for the expert who wants to heat turn up the heat. It provides a rush of instant color while rich bronzers consent your skin with uncontrollable darkest. It has the effect of vitamins and skin conditioning extracts which leave your skin soft, fresh and ready to party. Bronzing Blend of Black Walnut, DHA and Henna allows skin to continue to darken after UV exposure, for the deepest, darkest tan imaginable. Vitamin enriched skin conditioner blend helps skin fight against environmental stress for a healthier looking glow. It moistures the skin and leave it fresh and silky through its sweet almond and coconut oil. This tingle lotion reacts with the ultra-violet rays leaving the skin in a darker tone. It has the hyper dark tanning technology which works by stimulating the cells that produce melanin. In this way, the tanning starts when your tanning season begin. Supre Snooki tanning lotion also works against the wrinkles and prevent the sign of aging.

Best Tanning Lotion for Fair Skin

Having the brown or bronze skin make you attractive. A good quality tanning lotion for fair skin gives you the false acuity of more safely than the sun. There are varieties of tanning lotion which give you the best tanning result both indoor and outdoor. Here is some tanning lotion for fair skin which accelerates the tanning process in lesser time and gives the desired result.

1. Fake Bake Fair Lotion

self tanning lotionFake Bake Fair Self-Tanning Lotion has been specially designed for people with fair complexions. This luxurious shimmering tanning lotion is made up of the finest naturally derived ingredients, providing a non-sticky coating and light effects to the skin which doesn’t choke pores. The shimmer is the balanced PH to ensure your skin is maintained. It has some natural oil which helps in the smooth, soft skin and moisturizes skin. It is water resistant and is best for fair skin as it tans the skin very fast.

2. Maui Babe Browning Lotion

This is one of the best tanning lotions which can be used as both indoor and outdoor. This product is specially used by the fair complexation.  It is the safest and fastest tanning lotion. Maui babe is the tanning lotion which is made from the old secret family formula mixed from the Hawaiian ingredients including Aloe Vera for protection. It is having a great product review. Maui Babe browning lotion gives moisturizing benefits and natural skin protection. If you put this lotion on one arm and go in the sun, you will feel the difference, the one arm in which the lotion is applied is browning fast and rich while the other arm feels hot and burn. It is water resistant and is safe for all kinds of skin even on the fairest and sensitive skin too

3. Nature’s Gate Sunless Tanner

This is the natural self-tanner lotion for the fair skin which is free from the synthetic fragrance, phthalates, and parabens. This lotion is more economical as compared to the other tanning lotion. It gives the best result in shorter time. It is made up of natural oil with no artificial color in it.

4. Designer Skin Phoenician

Designer skin Phoenician is best tanning lotion for fair skin. It has mega silicone emulsion which provides maximum hydration and provides sinfully-soft and smooth skin.it also gives healthy and radiant look without the use of DHA or any bronzers. It enhances the color of the body. It stimulates collagen making and cell renewal.

Salient features of Designer skin Phoenician are as follows

  • Enhancing color of Body Silk
  • Has mega magical silicone emulsion
  • fragrance of exotic fresh fig